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TUEL Clear As Day Milk Cleanser

TUEL Clear As Day Milk Cleanser

  • Leave your skin clearly hydrated. Most acne cleansers can be too harsh, and leave the skin dehydrated and inflamed. Our gentle milk cleanser targets acne while soothing and calming the skin. The power of cajeput and tea tree will help suppress bacteria lurking in your pores, while lemon brightens and rosemary helps firm and tone. A few pumps and your skin will be Clear as Day.

    Skin type:  acne with small pores

    What it does:

    • Brightens skin with a dose of free radical fighting antioxidants
    • Vitamin C and eucalyptus heals and protects from environmental damage
    • Gently suppresses acne-causing bacteria while stimulating cell renewal with cajeput and tea tree oil
    • Antibacterial rosemary improves circulation and infuses the skin with moisture 

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