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MAKEUP ERASER Toner Puff 7 Day Set

MAKEUP ERASER Toner Puff 7 Day Set

  • 7 non-absorbent PUFFs.  Bye bye cotton rounds forever!

    Use the Toner PUFF to replace your single-use cotton rounds!  For best results: kickstart your skincare routine with The Original MakeUp Eraser prior to using the Toner PUFF.  The Toner PUFF helps eliminate the unnecessary waste of 60 BILLION cotton rounds used each year.

    ✓ reusable

    ✓ machine washable

    ✓ no added chemicals

    ✓ great for all skin types

    ✓ eliminates waste

    Includes:  7 Toner PUFFs + 1 laundry bag.  Each Toner PUFF measures approx. 2.5" in diameter.


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